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About Me

In February 2008, I faced a significant challenge when the financial crisis hit. Unfortunately, I lost my role as a senior electrical design engineer while actively contributing to the Tottenham Court Road station modernisation project for London Underground Limited. Refusing to let these circumstances defeat me, I made a determined choice to turn this setback into an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

In the face of the adversity, I took the bold step of completing essential qualifications, including completing Building Regulations Part P and various City and Guilds courses tailored for electricians. These efforts proved transformative, opening doors for me to embark on a new journey. I am proud to say that I became the founder of HarryG Electrical Installation Ltd, marking the beginning of my venture into entrepreneurship.

In my pursuit of professional excellence, I joined the National Approved Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT). This affiliation not only expanded my professional network but also emphasized my dedication to upholding industry standards and ensuring the safety and quality of electrical work.

In my daily endeavours, I prioritise health and safety above all else. Recognising the critical importance of maintaining a secure working environment, I strive not only to meet but to exceed industry standards. This approach is not merely a legal obligation but a fundamental aspect of my business philosophy, emphasising the well-being of both clients and team members alike.

Services We Offer

House Rewiring

We specialise in offering bespoke design and installation services, meticulously tailored to the specific requirements of each client. During the design phase, we meticulously capture all necessary information and collaborate closely with customers to ensure a thorough understanding of space allocation for the project. Our past solutions have involved running cables through flexible metal conduit, a method requiring intricate design and engineering expertise. This approach guarantees that cables remain easily accessible throughout their lifecycle, simplifying any necessary replacements without the need for major disruptions such as lifting floors or breaking walls. Additionally, our installations are accompanied by detailed drawings, layouts, and schematics, providing clients with clear insights into how circuits are interconnected. This transparent documentation enhances customer understanding and confidence in the solutions we provide.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Point

As approved Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installers by the Government (OZEV), we specialise in providing a comprehensive and customer-focused service. Offering assistance with site surveys and liaising with UK Power Network for fuse upgrades, we ensure a smooth process for our customers. We go the extra mile by assisting with grant applications for rental accommodations and commercial properties, provided the customer owns an eligible vehicle and has private off-street parking space.
Our commitment to quality is evident in our workmanship, backed by a 3-year warranty. This reflects our confidence in getting the job done right the first time. With a focus on care, diligence, and maintaining high standards, we strive to deliver the best service possible to our customers.

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Electrical Drawing

Electrical drawings play a vital role right from the outset of any project. By meticulously documenting the electrical layout and specifications during the design stage, potential errors and issues can be identified and rectified early on, preventing costly mistakes during installation and beyond. This proactive approach helps to ensure that all aspects of the electrical system are captured accurately, from equipment allocation to wiring configurations and safety considerations.

Electrical Design

Elevate your space with tailored electrical design solutions. From innovative layouts to optimized efficiency, let us illuminate your vision with precision and expertise.

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